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Dump Controller

A Dump, or Shunt, Controller protects a battery from being damaged due to being overcharged.

An LVD prevents a load from damaging a battery due to excessive use and low voltages.

The assembled kit will monitor the battery voltage. When the battery voltage reaches a desired level, a load is turned on or off.

When assembled for use as a Dump Controller, when it reaches the set voltage, power is sent to a dump load until the voltage falls some, and then the dump load is turned off. The cycle repeats as the charging current increases the battery voltage.

For example, a dump controller set to 14.3V with a hysteresis of 0.1V will turn on the dump load when the battery reaches 14.3V, and keep it on until the battery drops to 14.2V before the load is shut off.

When assembled for use as an LVD, the load turns off when the battery voltage drops to the set point. The battery is allowed to recharge some before the load is again turned on.

For example, the battery is being used faster than it is being charged and the voltage drops to the set point of 12.2V and the load is shut off. If the hysteresis is 0.6V, then the battery must charge to 12.8V before the load is turned on.