Disclaimer: This is a hobby, not a business. Orders will not always ship the next day. Sometimes they might not ship for a few days after that. It's possible that they won't ship for more than 2 weeks if I'm on vacation. Shipping is usually via USPS First Class mail, which takes 1 to 5 days in the US, about 10 days to the UK and most of Europe, and about 14 days to the rest of the world.

Use of these items, circuits, etc. are at your own risk. All items are very dangerous to life, limb and property. All items are non-functional. Items are not suitable for any use whatsoever. Items contain known cancer causing agents, especially for residents of California. No item is approved by any agency. Items may not function properly even after proper assembly. The seller is not responsible for any bodily injury, death, misrepresentation, proper, improper or illegal installation, misuse, abuse, item failure, device failure, circuit failure, any other failure, faulty parts, improper assembly, any and/or all damages, any direct and/or indirect damages, any direct and/or indirect loss of property, wages, income, or misunderstandings by either party regardless of the cause of the misunderstanding, due to any reason or any fault by either party.