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Dump Controller | Quick Reference

Parts list for a normal controller with 0.1V hysteresis:

D1 1N4007
R1, R2 3.3K
ZD1, ZD2 5.1V
RX 100K
R3 51K
R4 130 ohms
R5 8.1K or 8.2K
ZM ZM33064
N-fet 2N7000
P-fet BSS92
LED1 Green
LED2 Yellow

C is polarity specific. The + is marked and goes toward the ZM and pot.

Set the pot from ground to middle pin at 2.7K to get it close to 14V.

Notice the IRFZ44N and dump load are connected to the battery different than most people guess it should be.

The controller wires and dump load wires MUST be separate wires.

Solder in the pot and ZD1 at the same time. It can get a little tight.

To make the circuit as an LVD with 0.62V hysteresis, change RX to 3.9k