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12 Volt
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Dump Controller - Purchase Controller Kit & Parts

Unassembled Controller Kits - $14.50 each (plus S&H)

Kit Includes:

  • Printed Circuit Board and all necessary electronic parts
  • An assortment of extra resistors for RX suitable for a dump load controller or LVD
  • 2 IRFZ44N power N-fets
  • LED retaining clips
  • 2 short pieces of heat shrink tubing for insulating the LED and power N-fet leads

NOT Included:
Wire, suitable enclosure, heat sinks for power N-fet, the actual dump load, etc.

Optional Parts for Purchase

Item Price Description
Extra IRFZ44N power N-fets $1 each TO-220
Power FET FDP7045L $2 each Ultralow resistance, 0.004 ohms, for 12 Volt systems only. TO-220
Logic level Gate
Power FET 76137P3 $1.50 each Ultralow resistance, 0.009 ohms, for 12 Volt systems only. TO-220
Logic level Gate
Clip-On Aluminum Heat Sinks

2 for $1.50

For TO-220 devices. Enough for the power N-fets that come in the kit if the load of each is 6 amps or less. Each has a dab of heat sink compound for your convenience, plus, it will save you from having to buy a tube.

Aavid Thermalloy #574902B03300G

Heavy-Duty Extruded Heat Sink


$2 each

Heavy-duty clip-on aluminum heat sinks for TO-220 device (not included). Very limited quantities.

Aavid Thermalloy Indian Chief #780653U00590

Schottky Diodes - 1A 40V
Schottky Diodes - 3A 60V

8 for $1
4 for $1.50
Useful for flyback, solar, or building bridge rectifiers
Schottky Diodes
10A  60V TO-220
$1 each, or 6 for $5 They each require a separate heat sink. The cathode is connected to the tab.
Schottky Diodes
15A 25V, 0.35Vforward, ‘Low Drop Power Schottky’, TO-220 size STPS15L25D
$2 each, or 6 for $10 They each require a separate heat sink. The cathode is connected to the tab. Data sheet: http://www.datasheetarchive.com/pdf/3256945.pdf
Basic and Simple Variable Voltage Supply Kit
Variable Voltage Supply
$3 each

Simplifies calibration and bench testing of the Controller Kits

A collection of past their prime, though reasonably decent parts which I got/obtained cheap: A strange numbered 7809 voltage regulator rated for 1.5A in TO-220, two 1k trimmers, a few resistors, and a small piece of “perf board”. Not bad for the price!

Circuit Schematic

Copper Battery Cable Lugs or Terminals
2 sizes: 5/16” or 3/8”

6 pieces for $5

Hard to find, and generally quite expensive! These are for #8 wire; may require extra shipping charges.

Golf cart batteries use 5/16” on both terminals. Marine batteries use one of each. Batteries will vary. I have used these with wire as small as #14. Strip twice as much wire, twist the exposed wire, fold in half, twist another half turn, insert, crimp with pliers near the opening, solder.
Crimping too near the ring end can cause the solder to leak.
I have used these with #6 wire, sometimes it fits, sometimes by snipping a couple stands of the stripped wire.

Dump Load Power Resistors

8 pieces for $12

Manufactured by CTG – Ward Leonard / Ohmite

  • Wire wound
  • 10 ohm,
  • 25 watt
  • 5% tolerance
  • low inductance
  • 0.25” terminals
  • 2” x 9/16”
  • ceramic tubes
  • Mounting hardware not included

Each resistor will dump about 1.4 amps at 12V. 4 resistors on each power N-fet will dump about 5.6A, and the power N-fet will only need a small heat sink.

Includes 2 Schottky diodes (1A 20V or similar) for use as flyback diodes. One for each power N-fet.

USA ONLY. I can ship to other countries, but it may not be worth it due to additional shipping costs.

Bridge Rectifier
bridge rectifier
$4 for the first one, $3 for each additional 35 Amp 200 Volt
Metal case, Fast-On terminals
Heat Sink Compound $1 Tiny packet, enough for 3 bridge rectifiers
LED Experimenters Packs - Enough to get started experimenting!
White LEDs Package $2.50 each 6 White LEDs, 20,000 mcd, 20 degree, water clear, Two 330 ohm resistors, Two 130 ohm resistors, Two 1K resistors, Two 1N4007 1A 1000V diodes
Red LEDs Package $2.50 each 10 Red LEDs, 10,000 mcd, 20 degree, water clear, Two 330 ohm resistors, Two 130 ohm resistors, Two 1K resistors, Two 1N4007 1A 1000V diode
Red LEDs Package $2.50 each 15 Red LEDs, 5,000 mcd, 20 degree, Three 330 ohm resistors, Three 130 ohm resistors, Three 1K resistors, Three 1N4007 1A 1000V diodes

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Shipping & Handling
  • S&H $3.00 worldwide, usually
  • Insurance or tracking is not included and is not available to most countries
  • All orders must include a controller kit
  • Some items are generally not worth shipping out of the continental US, because of the additional costs
  • MOST items are available at a limited quantity and can NOT be backordered because I'm unable to get more at the same price
  • Orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis
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Ordering & Payment
  • E-mail ghurd1@yahoo.com with a specific list of items and quantities of requested items, request for a total cost, item availability, and PayPal information
  • E-mail should have “Controller” as the subject
  • Payments can be processed using PayPal (this is easiest for me); however, USPS money orders are also accepted


Note: Please read the Disclaimer before sending any inquires, orders, payments, etc. I can only process orders after the Disclaimer is completely understood and accepted by the buyer, assembler, user, purchaser, and all of their legal council, inclusive.

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